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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” - Nikola Tesla


Hi, I’m Adele Brydges, a ceramic artist, designer, energy worker and sound healer. I have over 15 years of experience in the the fields of pleasure and sexual wellbeing, creating intimate tools that encourage self-connection and help us improve our relationship with pleasure and ourselves.

I realised that our capacity to experience pleasure is affected by our physical, emotional and energetic state along with our ability to access our sense of self-connection and flow. This year I founded The Becoming.

The Becoming embodies a holistic approach to wellbeing, drawing on the tools, techniques and experiences that have helped me to ground, reconnect with my sense of self, sensual wellness and the world around me.

We bring


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Mind / Body / Spiritual &

Emotional Wellbeing

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Our current offerings

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a Japanese technique using univeral energy to balance energy, reduce stress, provide a sense of deep relaxation and promote healing. When one's "life force energy" is low, we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, when it is high, we are happier, healthier and more capable of dealing with what life throws our way. Reiki helps you to restore your energetic equilibrium and raise your frequency. We each session is uniquely customised to you, includes scent and closes with sound for an immersive and soothing experience. Distance Reiki is also available. Prices start from £55.

Somatic Sound Healing

Sound healing uses harmonious frequencies to induce a restorative theta brainwave state, which calms the mind and activates the body’s self-healing system. Sound healing moves the energy in the body from a low vibration to high vibration state to balance the body. It calms the mind, and can help manage pain, lower blood pressure and even reduce cholesterol and decrease the risk of heart disease. Prices start from £77

Deep Release Dark Moon Medicine Drum

Medicine or Shamanic drumming is deeply relaxing and hypnotic experience. It connects us with our higher consciousness and provides the opportunity for profound personal growth and cathartic release. Amplified with Reiki healing, it’s a gentle yet powerful healing and grounding modality. Coming soon.

Play with Clay

When we tune into our creativity, connect with a material and play, we enter a flow state. Flow has a number of benefits; increased happiness, higher intrinsic motivation, greater creativity, and better emotional regulation are just a few of the positive effects. Launching soon. Enquire about our Clay Date sessions. Group sessions start from £44

Routine Reset 1:1 Consultaion

Launching soon. During this 90 minute session we'll examine your daily routine and look at ways to weave in more nourishing, embodying or creative practices to help you anchor and support the you you want to become.

Why choose us

We bring with us years of expertise in creative and holistic wellbeing

All things are interconnected; each of us is a rich tapestry of intricately interwoven threads. Complete healing and genuine wellbeing requires a holistic approach that considers emotions and energetics as well as the body and mind.

My personal interest in holistic and esoteric practices led me to explore alternate ways to support my body, mind and emotions through ancient and contemporary technologies like Kundalini yoga, Human Design, Qi Gong, EFT, IFS, sound and energy therapy. In 2020 I began to study energy work. I am now a qualified Usui Reiki 1 & 2 practitioner and Sound Healing Practitioner and I’m currently working towards my Reiki Master-Teacher certification.

My mindful and intentional creative practice along with my understanding of energy and holistic therapies gives me a unique sensitivity and approach to your concerns and wellbeing goals. It also enables me to support you through periods of change, growth and stagnation.

My vision is to create a community, lifestyle and resources that nourish, support and guide you on your journey to becoming the most aligned, expansive AND grounded version of yourself.

“No Mud, no Lotus”- Thich Nhat Hanh.

The key to happiness is acknowledging and transmuting suffering.

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Reiki is administered by "laying on hands" but works mostly with the energetic layer of the body to restore the energetic field, balance your energy centres and release stored or unprocessed emotions.

During our treatment we set an intention for your session and integrate progressive muscle relaxation, body scans and reiki healing along with scent and intuative use of singing bowls for an immersive, grounding and nourishing journey.

Reiki is an incredibly powerful but gentle modality and can be used combination with invasive western medicine treatments without contraindications.

In person and distance sessions available. If you'd like an in person session at your own home, please email for prices and booking.

Book a session with Adele.

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Sound healing is an ancient healing technique that can be traced back as early as 40,000 years ago.

Modern science is catching up with this ancient healing modality and studies have verified that soothing, rhythmic vibrational sound activates the parasympathetic nervous system and signals to the body that it is safe to enter into its self-healing phase.

On a physical level, sound healing offers a whole host of health and wellbeing benefits which can help boost immunity, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure and manage pain.

On a more esoteric and subconcious level it can release trapped energy and emotions and balance the chakras.

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Deep Release

Dark Moon Medicine Drum

Medicine or Shamanic drumming is a deeply relaxing and hypnotic experience. It connects us with our higher consciousness and provides the opportunity for profound personal growth and cathartic release. Coupled with Reiki healing, it’s a intense and cathartic release.

Coming Soon. Join the waitlist.

If you'd like an in person session at your own home, please email for prices and booking.

Natural Clay Soil

The flow state, a concept by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, is when individuals are fully engaged in an activity, experiencing deep focus and a sense of timelessness.

Play, with its voluntary and intrinsic nature, significantly contributes to inducing this state. Playfulness encourages exploration, risk-taking, and being fully present. It spans games, creative pursuits, and more, making it conducive to experiencing flow's benefits: heightened learning, creativity, and reduced stress.

Infusing play into various facets of life, including work, enhances productivity and well-being. Ultimately, the link between the flow state and play highlights the importance of integrating delight and curiosity into daily activities, fostering immersive experiences and overall mental wellness. Group sessions start from £44 pp.

Enquire about a Play with Clay date.

Tree Bark

Routines and rituals underpin the life we live and the life we want to attain. Routines give us a result while rituals provide a sense of ceremony and grounding and both have a whole host of benefits:

  • They give us more emotional stability & clarity.
  • They help reduce unwanted conflicts within yourself and with others.
  • Discipline helps us to establish a positive frame of mind, self control and belief in ourselves.
  • Neural pathways become stronger with regular outine estabiish new positive behaviours.

Coming soon. Prices start from £111. Book a 1:1 Zoom session to review your routine and lay the foundations for growth.

What clients



I was in a real funk in the lead up to my reiki appointment and in need of an energetic shift. Adele was welcoming and warm, providing a serene ambient setting for a deeply relaxing healing session. Adele’s motions and interpretations were intuitive and compassionate. I walked away feeling so much lighter and connected. Just the transformation I needed!

Thank you!


This was my first reiki session and I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. Adele was friendly, professional, and calming from first off, creating a gentle and warm energy and environment to ease into the session. What followed was a deeply calming and relaxing experience, where the world fell away and I was left with a complete sense of peace and clarity of mind. My physical tension melted away and I felt more physically connected to myself than I have in a long time. It was a beautiful introduction to reiki and sound therapy, and I look forward to returning soon.


It’s hard to convey in words the depth of my experience with you, Adele!! I have worked with other Reiki healers, but I have never felt the energetic connection and healing work so clearly and deeply, you are truly gifted and I cannot wait to come back and work with you again! Thank you!!! x


My reiki treatment with Adele was not only enjoyable, but was somehow both relaxing and energizing. She took time to understand what I hoped to get out of the experience as well as explain her method, and the process in general. Highly recommend


What a magical reiki session with Adele. In a warm, welcoming space, she worked through my intentions and allowed me to access a deeper space of relaxation. A truly wonderful experience; I love reiki for it’s incredible ability to access areas of yourself where you may struggle alone.


Loved the Drum. LOVED the drum! I had the Deep Release session with Adele and I could feel all my hairs stand on end like iron filings as the sound moved through me in ripples and waves. I love the gong and this drum was like that - I found it really impactful.


My first Reiki session! Adele is very accommodating and holds space beautifully. I loved the choice of incense and soundscape. During the session, I felt super relaxed and cosy, observing the electricity-like current running through my body. I came out of it feeling instant changes in my energy. I've since been feeling very switched on and open. I even felt my throat chakra opening up, which was one goal Adele and I had discussed prior the treatment. Highly recommend!


Adele is so caring and welcoming and really made sure that I was comfortable and ready for the session with all the information I needed.

I wanted to concentrate on really relaxing my body and mind and restore my energy flow. Her calming and positive nature created the best energy around me to achieve it.

I can not wait for my next session!


I’m the lucky one to have two sessions with Adele! She’s got the warmest energy! Her approach is very holistic and customised to personal needs. She’s very attentive and thorough with every step, really tunes in where I’m lacking of support. The space is so calming and welcoming as well. I’d highly recommend to have a session with her to experience yourself! (I’ve already texted all my friends about her!)


I’ve had a series of Reiki Healing sessions with Adele following two major surgeries. My recovery from the second surgery was not going as well as planned and I felt some additional bodywork would be beneficial. I left each session feeling so much... better. More relaxed, more balanced and with more energy. It felt easier and easier to face the other work I needed to do to recover.

Adele has the nicest, most inviting and empathetic energy. I could tell that she really got me and what I needed and spent the time making sure I was properly attended to. I highly recommend.


Adele has a calm and reassuring touch. She made me feel comfortable and safe so I could surrender to the healing experience and release some deep sadness I didn’t realise I was carrying.

Thanks Adele for helping me balance my emotions with your healing flow


I had my first session with Adele last week. I’ve had reiki in the past but nothing of this quality. Adele has such a lovely calm presence, the changes were instant. I was relaxed AND energised!